The Regressive Left and the Path to Totalitarianism: “Cultural Appropriation”

Back in Iran, there is this narrative propagated by the government that “We are under a cultural invasion”. You are told you are not free to wear what you want, or do certain things that you want, because that’s only promoting “the aliens (westerners)” attack our culture. People have been arrested just because they wore a clothing that had an undesired logo.

The exact same thing goes for the “cultural appropriation” concept of the regressive left. Culture is most of the times irrelevant, it belongs to no individual, it is defined by no individual and is always changing. Most notably, it can never come first when the rights of individuals are in question. An individual’s right to wear their desired clothing is always the determining factor in the outcome of this scenario.

The racism and tendency to create a gap between people from the regressive left has become more and more obvious as time passes by, and it is increasingly ironic and dishearteningly totalitarian.


Me vs. Islam: Why Nobody Should Ever Convert to Islam?

Note: Please keep in mind that this post applies to Shia Islam, though I believe many aspects of it applies to Sunnis as well.

To me it is quite obvious that no one should convert to any religion, and I think in my previous posts I have established that fact. But the question about Islam was presented to me by my housemate, who asked in particular why should no one convert to Islam, if he or she is a member of other religions.

I told him I had many very good reason, but one I think to be the most important, and that reason was losing one’s individuality. If Renaissance did one thing for Europe, that was creating a sense of self centred importance in people, the ability to think as one, and not as only a member of an ideology. This by itself led to enlightenment and rationalism. But Islam has never had a Renaissance, and that’s why if anyone converts to it, they must lose their entire individual existence.

To back my claim up I don’t need to go far, “Islam” as a world means “surrender”. Surrender to the will of their tyrant God, Allah, who has the desire to control “everything” in one’s life. Most Abrahamic religions are in fact totalitarian in the same way, but none are like Islam.

Most people from outside may or may not know, but the Sharia law is not all in the Koran or in Hadith, it is made up by mullahs in their books which is called “resalah”. Reading one of them makes you realized what actually means to control every aspect of one’s life by controlling their will.

They literally try to control “everything”. Let’s have an example about eating habits: What you eat, when you eat, how you eat, where to eat, where not to eat, what is better to do when you eat, what’s better not to do when you eat, etc, etc… From the most basic, to the most trivial things like “it is better not to drink with left hand” they want to control!

This goes for every aspect of one’s life: There are orders even from “How to enter the bathroom” to “How to relieve yourself in the bathroom” and what to do next, and no, I’m not kidding at all.

And then there is the matter of “Fatwa”. The attempt to silence any sane person who criticizes Islam in a way that the Mullahs don’t like. Example? Ayatollah Sistani’s fatwa on Abdulaziz Sachedina, telling other Muslims “Don’t listen to him”.

And yes, there are orders (fatwa) about whom should be killed too. Ayatollah Khomeini’s Fatwa on Sir Salman Rushdie is probably the most famous and the most persistent one of them. You may also remember the more recent murder of Theo van Gogh, the director of a short movie criticizing the bigotry of Islam (I don’t know if this one was a fatwa).

No sane person in the world should ever commit to this horrific mind control of a totalitarian ideology. And remember, even after this, if one still wants to convert to Islam, one should have in mind that there is no escape from this: The punishment for apostasy in Islam is death, and even if the converter realizes that he/she has made a mistake, there is most probably no way back.