The Foot soldiers of Illogic: The Racism of the Regressive Left

When did MTV abandon reason for madness?

This is the argument they present: IF we remove blacks from history, then history will be different. Therefore it must be celebrated.

Problem is, they conclude that this somehow challenges the notion of “white history” month. But my dears, you made an argument that can be used for any and all races: IF we remove whites (Asians, Jews, Indians, Arabs, ancient Egyptians etc.), then history will be different. Therefore all must be celebrated.

Sorry to break the news to you my nitwit pea-brain racist pathetic idiot friends at MTV, but the discoveries of these scientists had nothing to do with the color of their skins. Black, white, Jewish, Asian or otherwise, scientists were first and foremost exceptional human beings who made history because of their functioning brains.

And then MTV comes and pisses on their humanity, spreading a disgusting message of racism. Congratulations!




The Foot Soldiers of Illogic: The Failure to Understand Statistics (1.1)

This is simply a follow up on my previous post regarding the failure of some of the so called progressive and SJWs regarding statistics and logical reasoning. Our good twitter user @shezumi has the following tweet for us:


Again, just like the post I have linked, this is a failure to understand statistics and logic. Let me make it very simple:

(a) “Most white animals are Not rabbits”
(b) “Most rabbits are white”

=> (a) being true does not necessarily prove (b) false.

In the same way, “Most rapists [in US] are white” does not prove “Most Mexicans are rapists” false. You need another set of data for that. The simplest of those is the ratio of say [in this case] Mexican rapists divided by total number of Mexican immigrants.


Again this is not to take the side of Trump, but one wonders if progressive cannot do simple logic, then who is worse?

The Foot Soldiers of Illogic: The Failure to Understand Statistics (1)

Anger is a double edged sword, it could derive one to pursue different subjects passionately, but also blind that person to ignore or simply not understand the facts of the matter. Issues of racism in US have much anger and passion surrounding them, and thus many angry fools on all sides making nonsensical claims.

Read the case of our good blogger, Ziggs Unscripted [1]:

Kill the myth that Mexicans and Blacks cause the most rape in the USA

I’ve been pretty mad the last couple of days.  From Donald Trump saying that all Mexicans are rapists and criminals (except that few “good ones”) to that white terrorist saying that blacks are rapists that are taking over this country.

I’ve done some digging and apparently white men are more likely to rape and cause sexual assault in this country.  Not Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, etc. but White men.  And its hardly a contest about 65% of rapists in 2012 were white. Yea just let that sink in.

Here are some Sources:

One may not dig, when one does not have the understanding of a high school student to interpret and use the findings to get a meaningful conclusion.

First, one must define the ideas being confirmed or debunked very clearly. We should ask, “What” is actually being debunked? The author of that post wishes to debunk “Most rapes are caused by non-whites”. This is clear from the title, however, at the start of the article we clearly see another claim, namely that of Mr. dead-fox-on-empty-head, Donald Trump and other racists: “All (or most) non-white people are rapists”.

It must be shown to the author of the above post that debunking the first claim does not debunk the latter. In other words, one can prove without contradiction that: “Most rapists are white” is true, while “Most non-whites are rapists” is also true. The truth of the second statement can only be determined when we compare the number of non-white rapists in proportion to their respective population.

This ratio will mathematically translate to the total number of rapists of each ethnicity divided by the total population of that ethnicity, all definitions kept the same.

The author of that post must stop being mad about things that bother him/her, and start thinking more clearly. Maybe take some time to study a bit more about how to analyse statistical facts.


Note: These numbers, even corrected, mean nothing on their own. Too many variables (from social to criminal justice system) are involved, and to my knowledge no study links race and violent sexual behavior directly.



How to Defend Relativism… NOT!

It started by one of my housemates (actually a usual suspect, the subject of this post) making a claim like “French people are lazy”. Of course not exactly this, but very similar. Now, I do not usually argue with him anymore, since his positions are completely absurd (such as this), but when he started talking about who we should let in the house based on this notion, I could not contain myself.

Now, this housemate (Let’s call him A) has a PhD in Anthropology, but could not be more illogical. Sadly of course even in academia one may find such absurdities go a long way. In any case, I immediately challenged him. “How do you know this is true?”, to which he responded “Because in this very house I have lived with five French people that were very lazy.”

Well, since I like statistics, and I like logic as well as fairness, I told him “This is discrimination, because you make your judgement based upon very small amount of data. Maybe not all French people are lazy”. In response, instead of responding to my point, he simply said the same thing again, and again, in different ways. To which I simply pointed out he is repeating himself. Then he said his usual nonsense “Everyone has his own logic”, to which I replied “This is absolute nonsense”.

This is when the second housemate (A girl, call her T) came in. Now, personality wise she is a very nice girl, in this case, she gave a frightening image of what may intellectually arise from unsound logical arguments. She said “Of course everybody has her own logic,” and seeing that I was going to respond she added “and I am not going to argue that with you because we obviously have no common ground”.

Ironically she is right, and her defence is in fact logically valid (she does not accept logic as the basis for arguments after all). However, immediately this will cause tremendous problems for her. She has studied Sociology (why am I not surprised?), and currently is writing an assignment paper. Consider this question “Does this assignment have anything to do with reality of the world (facts, history, science, population demographics, etc.)?”, if yes, and if this paper has anything to add to any factual matters in the world, then there “must” be a ground for it. If tomorrow she present any argument about any factual matter, there must be a ground so that reality of that claim is represented and understood by conscious intelligent beings.

This ground, this foundation, is logic. And by default cannot be dependant subjectively on individuals. If such was the case, she would not have been able to utter a word to anyone about any matter concerning reality. But what do you know, she does. And well, I cannot say that I will care to argue about any matter with her any more. Sadly, she does not listen, and though I may care about her lack of knowledge, I am not responsible for her refusal to listen.

I do not know which is worse, religious zealots or relativists. Fundamentalists may be damaging, but at least their damage is obvious. Relativists pretend to search for truth where there is none, and ignore reality. A defeated, but yet treacherous and damaging intellectual position that can only help nonsense, bigotry and stupidity to thrive.