The Foot soldiers of Illogic: The Racism of the Regressive Left

When did MTV abandon reason for madness?

This is the argument they present: IF we remove blacks from history, then history will be different. Therefore it must be celebrated.

Problem is, they conclude that this somehow challenges the notion of “white history” month. But my dears, you made an argument that can be used for any and all races: IF we remove whites (Asians, Jews, Indians, Arabs, ancient Egyptians etc.), then history will be different. Therefore all must be celebrated.

Sorry to break the news to you my nitwit pea-brain racist pathetic idiot friends at MTV, but the discoveries of these scientists had nothing to do with the color of their skins. Black, white, Jewish, Asian or otherwise, scientists were first and foremost exceptional human beings who made history because of their functioning brains.

And then MTV comes and pisses on their humanity, spreading a disgusting message of racism. Congratulations!




Good Read: The Phantom Tollbooth

When I was a kid, I was very much interested in literature. I read many books, fiction or none fiction, classic or modern did not matter. I borrowed The Phantom Tollbooth from school library, and started reading it at the age of 12, in a classroom full of noise: Our teacher was absent that day. I do not know how it made me forget about the noise I read it as a fiction, it was well written, and it gave my imagination a lot of ideas. I liked it so much, that I bought it and put it in my bookshelf.

As I grew up, I read it over and over in different occasions, and I finally thought that this has been much more than fiction to me, it has been the first steps towards logic, maybe even without realizing it. Well done to Norton Juster…

I still have the book, and I still enjoy reading it. It marks the beginning of my steps toward the light of thoughts. And it is a good read for anyone interested in fiction, logic, and a good book.

Joining The Atheis Blogroll, and Eddie Izzard!

As you can see Heresy has joined The Atheist Blogroll and I have linked it under likeables on top and in the link box in the right side under blogroll. The Atheist blogroll is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world. If you would like to join, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.

Seeing the links on the Atheist Blogroll amazed me actually, because there are more than a thousand blogs written by Atheists at the moment. This reminded me of some piece of stand-up that I recently watched: Eddie Izzard, who I think is one of the greatest stand-up comedians of our time, and an Atheist nonetheless, recently had a show on Madison Square Garden.

He said that he had been Agnostic “which was a good place to be in case he (God) was there!”, but recently he has become an Atheist or none Theist “I just don’t believe in the floaty boat!”. And proceeded by saying: “Apparently there are almost a billion none believer in the world. It’s quite a big congregation (I don’t know if that’s the word), a big group of people… if we all get together and do nothing!”

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of Stand-up comedy don’t miss his shows…