Being a Gay Muslim: Operation Extreme Hypocrisy

I witnessed a very funny (and quite pathetic) scene some days ago from a “gay Muslim”. I have had some arguments with him before, and frankly have no respect for his intellectual capabilities. Consider the following conversation between our gay Muslim (GM) and Mr. O:

GM: I like to train as a cook, but I want to go this special school, since it is the only one that does not use pork.
Mr. O: Why don’t you want to use pork?
GM: Because I’m a Muslim.

No sir, you’re a hypocrite and a moron. What religious people seem not to notice is that their double standard can give birth to the most comical stupidity: “I’m a Muslim and that’s why I don’t eat pork. Oh, but my hobbies are going to gay clubs in the nights and fucking other men in the ass.”

How pitiful.