Freedom of Speech Matters

Freedom of speech is essential. Only in the light of this type of freedom we can rationally evaluate evidence, reason about it and progress in all types of knowledge. We were extremely lucky to get such a complicated language in the course of our evolution, and it is the reason we are where we are now. If we wish to progress even better and faster, we need to allow for all ideas to come to the forum of thought and have a say. Only there we can judge them based on evidence and logic.

This is why I tremendously enjoyed Christopher Hitchens’ vigorous  defence of this freedom.



Published: “The Small Handbook of Fallacies: A Guide to Exposing Nonsense in Everyday Life”

As in “Introduction to Logical fallacies: A More Organized Approach” I had mentioned, I was planning on publishing a small handbook on logical fallacies. Mainly designed for the younger generation (high school and early college), I most likely hope that it would be good for educational purposes. Some of the posts that followed the original one were to act as samples of this handbook. Almost two days ago I published this handbook in Amazon Kindle (KDP).

Here is the link to the finalized published “The Small Handbook of Fallacies: A Guide to Exposing Nonsense in Everyday Life“:

Copy of the link:

I welcome any review and criticism, and I shall work towards a better edition accordingly.