Darren Hayes: Neverland

The last post was about child abuse in Islam. During the course of writing that, I remebered a song about child abuse: “Neverland” by Darren Hayes.

I was 15, and I was just browsing through some videos we had on a CD, when almost accidentally I stumbled upon “I knew I loved you”. My instant thought was “Who is this singer? he’s so gorgeous!”. Of course, I didn’t say it out laud that I liked “him”, but instead I said that I liked the music of Savage Garden a lot (which was true, but not as much!). I didn’t even know his name until some years later, when I searched “Savage Garden” on internet, and also realized that he was gay.

But then, I realized that he was not just a pretty face. His music is deep, emotions flow through it, and he knows how to make the best of his unique voice.

This particular song is indeed a masterpiece. It is the true image of all those thoughts going through an abused child’s head, when he or she is hurting. An abused child answers to the cruelty of pain by those who suppose to love him/her by incredible mutual cruelty. The abuser is often killed in the worst ways possible in the child’s imagination, so that he/she may be happy, and go to the “Neverland”. That imaginary place in which he or she could be happy, and whatever that place may be, the abuser shall not be there.

The song is tense, vivid and colourful in picturing those terrifying imaginations, and yet more amazingly it is sung in such a way, a childish high pitched voice, that makes that image of an abused child’s mind stick in the listeners head. This can only be made by personal experience, which is most probably the case of Hayes himself.

The following video is from “This delicate film we’ve made”, based on the title of his 2007 album “This delicate thing we’ve made”.


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