Me vs. Islam: A Systematic Child Abuse Called “Marriage”

Mohammed “married” Aisha (عائشه) when she was 6, and had sex with her when she was 9.

This is a historical fact based on strong Hadith. But recently some Muslims have tried to deny it, since they have realized there is no way they could avoid calling the prophet Mohammed a paedophile after this. But true or (however unlikely) not true, this has become the base for justification of child marriage (i.e. systematic rape) in the Middle East.

In many ME countries, including Yemen, Iran and Saudi Arabia, this kind of so called marriage is allowed by the law (based on Sharia law obviously), and is being practiced. It is mostly  common in villages and among tribes, but could be found everywhere including big cities.

What, except religious faith, could create such denial of human rights? What could be more horrifically inhuman to inflict pain and suffering of abuse on a child but religion? And then to make the parents close their eyes on it?

This practice should have stopped when the psychological effects of this practice were shown in the light of modern psychology, but like any other faith based system of belief, reality itself is denied: Mohammed did it, so it “Must” be right (This type of belief in Islam is called Sunnah). Many children have lost their childhood because of such practice, and as long as Islam remains as a system of belief, these atrocities are going to continue.


Mind you: Religion, however the cause, is not the only problem, abuse itself is undeniably a vicious circle: The victims of abuse themselves tend to give in to it, some accept it in the sense of surrendering to a psychological numbness about it, and some of will even become abusers themselves.


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Dear fellow Homo sapiens, or if you prefer conscious mammals! And of course, friends nonetheless: I created my blog in order to speak my very weird mind, mostly about three subjects (as I identify myself and my state of mind with them): Atheism, as I was born in the Middle East and saw and felt the affects of Islam; Homosexuality and equal rights, as a gay man who has tasted the Homophobia and also Sexism in that society; and Liberalism and political philosophy, which I think is a good ground for secular values and criticism of fundamentalism. If you wish, visit and join your state of mind to mine. I hope they don't short circuit!

12 thoughts on “Me vs. Islam: A Systematic Child Abuse Called “Marriage””

  1. Most muslims which i exchanged comments with dont even deny the Mohamad had sex with the 9 year old Aisha. They often use the same excuse saying that even the western kings did the same.. but does the justify such immoral act. Is an immoral act justified because it was done in the past? And isn’t Mohamad suppose to be “the most perfect man chosen by Allah”? Would a perfect man robbed the innocence of such a young girl?
    Theses are questions muslims can not make due to their religion’s doctrine. if they do so, they will be punished by their “muslim brothers”.
    Nice post btw 🙂

    1. You are right my friend: most of them don’t deny it, since most of them are Sunni and for them denying it means they have denied some of their strongest books on Hadith (they call it “The six right ones”). But of course Shias have started to do so.

      As for their excuse, this fallacy is called “you too” (Tu quoque). And it is often used in these cases. Of course, the answer to that as you pointed out is no matter who does it, it is immoral and wrong. Besides, there is a principle in Islam called “Ismah” (infallibility) which means the prophet “must” be without “any” sins or even mistakes. Well, what is more imoral than abuse and rape?!

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. It quite become funny when people take some quote take read at as literally without referring to what quote (hadiths) is referring. In term of age is also some scholar argue either 9, 14 or 18.

    To put word like systematic rape, child abuse to make a flavor to story, that quite narrow minded. For your info that is a normal culture at that time, woman married at early age, some man also married at early age. My grand mother also married at age of 14, there was no issue at that time. Still live happily ever after. Others married in more early age.

    Today is different, woman need to go to college and others bla bla. So think it wisely. Dont just bulldozer every where. I think today Sharia have limit age of married shall be 18years old. So what the issue you want to bring here.

    I think you great great ancestor also doing the same, cant I say your family doing child abuse. Give some common sense.

    1. Well dear hifzan, a very bad defence, is it not? I am fully aware that my ancestors may have married in such circumstances, but that was not my argument, and that does not make this any less wrong.

      1st, the main point of that post is to show this horrible act is still being practiced under Islamic Sharia in Middle Eastern countries, do not forget that. This is why I spend time pointing out crimes of Islam against humanity.

      2nd, my ancestors, or anyone else’s for that matter, may or may not have done this immoral act. But although they may have been blinded by the culture, and bound to obey the authority of their parents, Mohammed cannot be excused: After all, was he not the last prophet of Allah? Was he not suppose to “KNOW” this is wrong?

      This alone should show you, that he in fact was not a prophet at all: He, at best, was just a man bound by culture and limited understanding of the world. Maybe mad, or maybe hungry for power, but he was not pure or infallible at all.

  3. It not a poor defense. That why you living in stone age, while others is already move on.

    In my religion, we separate out the command, culture behavior, act of prophet pbuh as Arabian/ as Quraisy, history. That is only your interpretation not Muslim interpretation to that hadiths. May be you do not have a knowledge to differentiate that either, but keep reading.

    I understand some Shiite practice it, but you go and talk to them. They are not my creed by the way. Can you put where Islamic Sharia Law stated that “Woman to married must be 9 years old or it was advisable to married in 9 years old” or something similar to that? In my studies, I never found it or may be you are “clever” than me.

    It nothing wrong at that time, all people can accept it at that time. Those time, early age married is norm. No body against that those time.

    He not bound to culture, many Arab culture has he change to be a better way. Age of Aisya is debate, and I dont think her age is 9 years old after further studies.

    1. Unfortunately your English is poor, and I have a hard time reading you, and I believe so do you.

      It is a poor defence, since it’s a fallacy (read the comments above), and of course, the personal attack does not make it better for you. I may live anywhere, or be a 12 year old child. It does not affect the validity of my arguments.

      As I said before, This “thing” is practiced in the middle east. In Saudi Arabia, which is under the Islamic law, and a very much Sunni one none the less, there are no laws to prevent this (e.g. & pay special attention to CNN.

      In Iran, by law, the minimum age is 9, if the court of law (yes, Sharia law) allows it. The age without the courts consent is 13, but the parents of the girl must give permission to it.

      In Afghanistan it is also being practiced, but is not allowed by the law.


      At many times, many wrong things were “norms”. That does not make them right: 3000 years ago, Assyrian empire used to destroy anyone standing before them. Rape and pillage, kill and destroy. In the dark ages, slavery was a norm, among both Muslims and Christians. Sexism and Homophobia are still norms in many parts of the world, this does not make them right.

      No matter how many people “think” something wrong is right at a specific time, wrongs will never be right.


      Too many fallacies your making my friend: Appealing to traditions, appealing to people (ad populum), and “you too” which you had done before and you’re doing again.


      And of course he was bound to culture. I just gave you an example of that: Marring Aisha. Just read the Koran to see how much that is bound to culture: Sexism, Homophobia, inhumanity of all sorts. What else could that be?

      In the end: Please don’t link the Islamist websites on this blog. I will not remove that link above, but please avoid it from now on.

      1. Thank for remind about my language. I do not have a problem reading English, because I learn in English. As English is not my primary language, I still have a problem writing in English and I am rushing for meeting so I don’t see my error in my writing.

        Refer to your link (CNN), a statement by Sheikh and case study of marrying daughter for settle a debt is totally different thing. I have seen a lot of case “cut and paste” statement to suit the news. So I dont take that as solid evidence.

        Case of marrying daughter to settle a debt is totally wrong (I don’t think the statement is related to the issue). A father is a “wali” (keeper of daughter), but if the father have have a bad intention by marrying the daughter, the “wali” is void. The other keeper can refer to Sharia court to settle the issue.

        I know Iran allows it, refer to my statement above. “Does Iran my creed”. I don’t think so.

        Actually today, most of Sharia Law (gazetted in State Book of Law), is stated that age of married is 18 or 15 years old. If a girl want to married in early age, (1) the girls (mumayyiz- know right and wrong) must ask for permission to married and (2) the guardian must give permission to it. If both rules are being meets. Then the statement of Sheikh is accepted “It is incorrect to say that it’s not permitted to marry off girls who are 15 and younger,”.

        For your info, a rules for marriage : Forbidden (Haram) to married, not recommended (makruh) to married, recommended (harus) to married. There was one solution for one problem.

        Later, may be you said I engineered the law or fallacies or what so ever. This is not new to Sharia Law, by century, many law have been revised to suite the need of culture, age and etc. Today this law have been change. Engineered Law is always Islam style from century and its called Fiqh.

        Next time, don’t put general statement (Islam) as a title you don’t want to being preach. Arab or Middle East is still Muslim, but not all thing represent Islam. I will note on that “Please don’t link the Islamist websites on this blog” still you are the blog owner.

  4. But my dear, even this post shows you don’t get what I said. Just the fact that it happens under that so called “law” is evidence of abuse itself. And you see that it even gets worse: What a disgusting “law” that allows a father to sell his daughter, then tries to apologise for it. Moreover, those are anecdotes, there are numerous cases of child “marriage” (abuse) under Islamic law.

    I did not say you engineered law. I said you made logical fallacies.

    1. We don’t have law stated father are allowed to sell his daughter. As I mention earlier, to be a “wali” for marriage, some criteria must be meet. Under this circumstance, the father himself is already void the criteria. It is called “wali fasiq” (untrustworthy marriage guardian). Automatically the title is void.

      The method may differ from secular law, but it don’t mean Sharia allows this kind of thing happen. People like to abuse the law, even in secular law.

      You think it just a fallacies, but I can found it in book of fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence). When we found more profound evidence,the scholar will update the law. This is normal practice in Islamic Law from century.

      1. This is my final comment on your comment. The point was about the law not only not preventing it, but allowing such thing to happen. (Mind you the concept of vali itself is sexist, but that’s for another time).

        Of course, the method that is not based on reason is useless, and barbaric. And your last paragraph does not make any sense: I don’t care “where” you can find it. I care about the reasons you have to say it, and the structure of your reasoning, which are both fallacious.

  5. Hi, The Truthful Heretic, it was only today that i saw your reply. 🙂
    I found interesting this debate you were having with “hifzan shafiee”. I past by his blog to find out more about his(her?) views on this subject and for my surprise, this person is much worst then the person he/she seems to be by the remarks h/s has made on this post.
    I got a chance to read his/her post “Islam – Ideology that can take over the world” where it clearly shows hifzan shafiee’s support on a world wide Caliphate. This person is clearly against Liberty, Secularism, Socialism, which he/she calls “poison”.
    Disturbingly, hifzan shafiee is hypocrite enough to preach the words of Love and Peace and on the same lines be a supporter of a Dictatorship-Fascist-Totalitarian-Theocratic regime.
    He/she also ‘plays the race card’ by complaining about muslims being victims of racism and ignores the fact that Islam is not a race but a belief system, an ideology, a political statement. Islam has nothing to do a physiological traits.
    I find it truly arrogant when someone says Islam is the religion of Peace when it’s fundamentals are divisive and oppressive. Non-believers are considered to be “lesser-humans” and the Apostasy in Islam is -death penalty-.
    ‘The Truthful Heretic’, don’t waste your time on “muslim moderates” like hifzan shafiee. This kind of person, who desires oppressive measures for people who don’t share his belief system, deserves no respect at all.

    1. Thank you for the feed back my freind! 🙂

      Well, I admit reading his comments I did not even bother going to his blog! So thanks for the info about what should one expect there! 😀

      What I try to do is to show the readers of this blog two things: First, what Islam actually is, and secondly and more importantly, the fact that even the so called “moderates” of Islamism are not moderate at all.

      I am not trying to change his mind, or any other “Islamist” for that matter, but instead try and during the course of discussion unveil their true nature, which is as you say Fascistic and Totalitarian.

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