Good Read: Agatha Christie, The Queen of Crime

I started serious reading at the age of 8. It might seem too soon, especially for reading crime and detective novels, but I was an only child and there was not much that I could do: In those days there was no facebook! The first book that I ever read was named after one of Agatha Christie’s short stories: “Wasps’ nest”, and it contained some other short stories from her as well as other writers. I remember after that I started looking for more of her short stories.

Then, I became interested in detective novels in general. I read so many of them, including “Moonstone” by Willkie Collins (which is the first of this genre), Sherlock Holmes (Obviously!), Marry Higgins Clark, and many more.

All of them are great, they have their own style, characterization and personas, and atmosphere; but never came a time that I could refuse reading one of Christie’s novels. The thing about her is, you may read many detective novels from others (such as Marry H. Clark) and be able to guess who is the murderer, just by knowing her style. But Christie is not so, the way she plays with the readers mind changes in different books. Look at The Mysterious Affair at Styles and then read “Ten Little Niggers” and “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd“. She goes back and forth not allowing the reader to get use to a style, while characteristics of her novels also change. Not only the reader would never get bored and can never guess accurately who is the killer, but also her style creates an extremely enjoyable book.

She is indeed the Queen of crime, and her novels and short stories deserve to be read, even after all these decades that have passed…


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