Good Read: Intellectual Impostures

The first time I stumbled upon “Intellectual Impostures” was when I was reading Moti Ben-Ari’s easy, but very exciting book “Just a Theory: Exploring the Nature of Science“, which I think is a great introduction into philosophy of science. At that time though, unfortunately I forgot to go after “Intellectual Impostures”. But recently I bumped into it in a bookshop, and remembering the excitement from reading about “Sokal affair” in Ben-Ari’s book, I decided to buy it.

I assure you that this book is worth it. I remember when studying about Paul Feyerabend’s Anarchistic-relativistic version of philosophy of science, I kept thinking to myself: “But there must be an answer to this nonsense!”

Aside from pointing out abuses and dishonesty of postmodernist’s “version” of philosophy and science, I think that “Intellectual Impostures” provided an answer, to my own question as well: By simply asking the postmodern relativist philosophers “What would happen if you apply your own nonsense to your ordinary lives?!”


Richard Dawkins has also written a review on this book. You can see it here.


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