The Derivation of God from Science: “Knock Knock! No One’s Here”!

I was watching the following part of the debate between Christopher Hitchens and Frank Turek, when a question popped into my mind. having a look at the video and Hitchens’ answer, paying attention to the well played part in debate “infinitely expanding tautology”, it is only fair to ask: But why? Why is it that the idea “God did it” can be attached to these scientific theories and never go away?

We know that science is bound to uncertainty and falsification. Karl Popper’s methodology of falsification clearly showed that we can never be truly sure (to level of faith) that we have found the truth. Many scientific theories (and maybe even facts) turned out (and still can turn out) to be false through out the history of science. This means that if you derive your God from science, you are in fact putting yourself in a very bad Epistemologycal position: How do you derive certainty (faith) from uncertainty? What will you do if that theory is falsified? If you derive your God from it, Doesn’t that mean that your God is falsified?! (1)

IF scientific theories that these guys base their God on are falsified, what are religious people going to do? Are they going to say that the God that they had found in that theory is falsified?! Of course not! Instead, they are going to take their idea of God, and derive it from another theory. Maybe the theory that would take the first one’s place, like many Muslims that have started interpreting Koran based on evolution (2), which is ridiculous because of the same uncomfortable logical position.

But how is it that the derivation of God is saved and always makes a come back?! The reason is, it was not falsifiable to begin with! No actual evidence was there to connect science and the none falsifiable idea of God, and no direct evidence for the existence of such being. This is what makes the idea of deriving the existence of any God from science a “really” bad logical stance.


(1) I am not even remotely suggesting that evolution or DNA are false, my point here is absolutely different.

(2) Well, at least they don’t reject the whole truth, throwing facts out of the window like many Christians do!


P.S: I will think more about this post. Revision or expansion may happen.


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